This election will see changes on Ajax Council, fresh ideas and new sources of energy are a part of revitalizing any municipal government but so too is CONSISTENCY. Maintaining momentum, continuing work already started, building on existing relationships & opportunities are essential whenever there is change. I look forward to new challenges moving forward.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with Doctor Stas and the Friends of the Hospital. I'm proud of the accomplishments we have made on behalf of our local hospital.

Joanne dies



In Ajax Ward 3, Joanne Dies has the experience and knowledge necessary to effectively represent her residents at Regional Council.

Her leadership skills, energy, and commitment are instrumental in her long list of accomplishments.

Being an effective Regional Councillor is not just about good intentions…it’s about getting results.

Joanne Dies is the only Ward 3 Regional Candidate who has acquired vital experience and achieved results working with municipal, regional and provincial government.