“Joanne has a excellent proven track record of representing the residents of Ward 3 (and Ajax). She has extensive experience in supporting social and infrastructure policies while ensuring budget restraints. Her leadership on environmental issues, particularly, protecting the Ajax waterfront, is unsurpassed. She is a collaborator and listens to residents. I have known and worked with Joanne for a number of years and her dedication to causes, and seeing them through, is proven. Experience counts. “

– Paul Weallean, Co Chair Ajax Pickering Citizens Together Protecting our Water (PACT-POW) Tweet

Joanne Dies has acquired vital experience and achieved results working with municipal, regional and provincial governments on issues that directly affect Ajax, including:

Save Our Waterfront
Co-chair of PACT-POW, Pickering Ajax Citizens Together Protecting our Water. This grassroots organization successfully made the algae issue on the waterfront the number 1 issue in Provincial elections.
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Include Carruthers Creek Headwaters in Greenbelt
Opposing development on the headwaters of Carruthers Creek, a risk for flooding in South Ajax.
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